Physiotherapist salary Per Month In different Countries

Physiotherapist salary

Pakistan Physiotherapist salary :

Physiotherapist salary in Pakistan & India is categorized as :

Beginner ;

A Fresh Physiotherapist in the market has to go through many struggles, as he is new so Patients and Doctors hesitate for taking treatment from him/her.

This is the reason why a beginner earns much less than an experienced Physiotherapist in Pakistan..

Average salary of Beginner Physiotherapist in Pakistan & India is

Rs = 40,000/month

as working for a college Lecturer

working as a Physiotherapist being a beginner can give you a good helping support i.e from  Rs = 30,000 to 40,000 a month , making it a total for a beginner to about Rs 80000 to 1 lack Rupees a Month which is a handsome amount of income for beginner.

Experienced :

An Experienced Physiotherapist In Pakistan & India Can Easily make out a Large money.

From Teaching side He/She can Earn From up to an Average of ” 60,000 Rupees to about 80,000 Rupees a month”.

From Clinical Practice an Experienced Physiotherapist can easily Earn an Average of 2 Lack to 3 Lack Rupees a Month.
This shows that an Experienced Physiotherapist in Pakistan can Earn A lot of Money A month to enjoy his Life.

Canada Physiotherapist salary :

Lowest : C$32 dollars/hour – C$40 dollars/hour

Highest : C$35 dollar/hour – C$48 dollars/hour

it varies from cities to cites and states to states..

Although a Physical Therapy  earns a descent amount of Money throughout the year from $62000 to $ 75000 in Canada varying from state or either city to city.

America Physical Therapist salary :

Lowest : $ 50 000/year OR $ 15/hour

Average : $ 85 000/year OR $ 28/hour

Highest : $ 110 000/year OR $ 50/hour

According to this a Physiotherapist earns a descent amount of Money throughout the year in America.

Australia Physical Therapist salary :

Lowest : $49 000/year

Average : $76000/year

Highest : $97000/year

According to this a Physiotherapist earns a descent amount of Money throughout the year in Australia. The Physio Club Collects the information for Peoples.


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