Defination of Kinesiology and its Type & Importance


Definition of Kinesiology

—The word ‘kinesiology’ originates from the Greek work kineses, which implies movement

—Kinesiology is the investigation of body movement

—Kinesiology is an unpredictable field of study and it has many sub divisions

Imortant Points

—Kinesiology is an apparatus for the specialist in examining defective development examples, and choosing the satisfactory treatment

—Mechanic part of the body tissues, surveying of auxiliary deviations, the looking at of uninvolved and dynamic ROM, testing muscle power and exhaustion and the assessment of the development coordination

—Kinesiology incorporates the standards of biomechanics, neurophysiology and the correspondence with the CNS

—how the CNS controls the development

— Impaired development might be caused by various reasons:

—Diseases, effect of outer powers, hereditary imperfections, evolutional absconds, mental degeneration or different reasons.

—Manual contact and positively chose words are implies engaging intentionally the NS as elective treatment continuing.

—Our idea of kinesiology depends on the all encompassing part of the body and its development

—Local viewpoint should dependably be finished with a worldwide look on the capacity of the  entire body moving in real conditions encompassing the body.

3 Types of Kinesiology

  • Applied kinesiology:

—It needs to do with muscle tone. Its says that the muscle tone changes rapidly as per mental conditions

  • Special kinesiology:

Studies entomb relations between singular sections.

  • Clinical kinesiology: (segmental)

Comprises of practical life structures and physiotherapy.

—Functional life structures manages joints, bones, tendons, fundamental developments, and muscles.

—Physiotherapy comprises of examination: (joint play, muscle shortening, muscle shortcoming) and treatment: (activation, control)

Definition of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a treatment or medications intended to encourage the procedure of recuperation from damage, sickness, or illness to as typical a condition as could be expected under the circumstances.

WHO Definition

Restoration of individuals with handicaps is a procedure went for empowering them to reach and keep up their ideal physical, tangible, scholarly, mental and social practical levels. Recovery furnishes impaired individuals with the instruments they have to accomplish freedom and self-determination.

—Course Information


—Definition of Rehabilitation

—WHO Definition


—Functions of Rehabilitation


—Rehabilitation Program

—Types of Rehabilitation

—Physical therapy

—Occupational therapy

—Speech therapy

—Rehabilitation Facilities

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