Pharmacology Past Papers of Docter Of Physiotherapy (DPT) 3rd year UHS

Pharmacology Past Papers

Pharmacology Past Papers

Pharmacology Past Papers are given below.

PHARMACOLOGY  study guide :

TOTAL  30 Days  Mini Ketzung

  • General Pharmacology -> 4 days
  • ANS Drugs -> 4 days
  • CVS Drugs -> 3 days
  • Autacoids &  Asthma drugs, NSAIDS & Gout -2 days
  • CNS drugs ->  4 Days
  • Endocrine drugs & GIT drugs -> 2 Days
  • Chemotherapeutic Drugs ->  5 Days
  • Anti-fungal, Anticancer & Antiviral drugs -> 1 Day
  • Antiprotozoal & Antihelmenthics -> 1 Day
  • Revision -> 4 Days

Pharmacology Imp Questions 

  •  classifications of ANS,  Anesthetics,  Benzodiazepines , Barbiturates,  Opioids ,Penicillin, Aminoglycosides , CVS, Fluoroquinolones , Azoles , sulfonamides, Anti-fungal , Antibacterial,
  • Adverse Effects of above Drugs
  • Mechanism of Action of above Drugs
  • Clinical Uses of above Drugs

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Credit Goes to : The Physio Club


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