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  • Pathology & Microbiology
    Past Papers of Medicine DPT UHS

    Past Papers of Medicine of 4th year DPT UHS are given below :   Credit Goes to : The Physio Club Other Subjects : ALL the Past Papers of the Following subjects are available on this site ; DPT 1st year Physiology I Past Papers Anatomy I Past Papers Kinesiology I & Biomechanics Past Papers Islamiyat & Pakistan Study Past Papers DPT

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  • Low Back Pain - The Physio Club
    Low back pain causes, Symptoms, Relief and Treatment

    Low Back Pain : After common cold Low Back Pain is second most common to occur. It is as common as 85% in total population occurring in some part of their life. what is Back Pain? Back pain is the pain that occurs to our structures that are at our back , it especially occurs

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  • Spine-The Physio Club
    Spine Anatomy, vertebral column and spinal curves

    Spine Anatomy the Vertebral column : Human Spine is made up of 33 vertebrae(bones) and hence called spinal column or the Vertebral column. It is divided into 5 regions and from superior to inferior these regions are : 7 cervical vertebrae C1-C7 12 thoracic vertebrae T1-T12 5 lumbar vertebrae L1-L5 5 fused sacral vertebrae S1-S5 4

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  • Plantar Fasciitis-The Physio Club
    Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis causes,Symptoms and Treatment

    Heel Pain is Most commonly caused by Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fascitis : Plantar fasciitis is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for heel torment. It includes the irritation of a thick band of tissue called Plantar Fascia that keeps running over the base of our foot and associates our rear area unresolved issue toes.

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  • Depression-The Physio Club
    Depression : causes,Symptoms and Treatment

    What is depression? When we as a whole feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some of the people experience these emotions seriously, for long periods of time (weeks, months and even years) and sometimes without any no evident reason. Depression is more than just a low state of mind. It is a

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  • Dr.Ruth Pfau-The Physio Club
    Dr.Ruth Pfau: Last Three Wishes

    Dr.Ruth Pfau Last Three Wishes 1- First wish – Dr.Ruth Pfau was that she would not like to be dealt with on a ventilator. 2- Second wish – Her dead body ought to be conveyed to Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center, the clinic of which she was incharge. 3- Last wish – she needed to be

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  • DPT Curriculum UHS
    DPT Curriculum UHS

    Click Here DOWNLOAD PDF FILE OF DPT Curriculum UHS From Here DPT Curriculum UHS is designed for students that they feel easy in studying there Subjects . Its give proper guideline to students of Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT). Best of Luck to Physiotherapy Students. DPT PAST PAPERS DPT 1st year Physiology I Past Papers Anatomy I Past Papers

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  • Physiotherapy Equipments
    Equipments used in Physiotherapy Clinics & there Uses

    Physiotherapists use various tools for therapeutic purposes , these Physiotherapy Equipments are shown and described below with their Uses : Laser : In Physiotherapy  ‘Laser’ is being widely used for following various purposes : Tissue healing.  Pain relief Reduce Inflammation Increase Blood flow Stimulate wound healing stimulate tissue regeneration Reduce scarring. Ultrasound Physiotherapy Tools :

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  • Cancer

    Cancer : The first question about Cancer that arises in our mind  is that : ‘What is Cancer?’ Cancer is simply defined as “An uncontrolled Cell Division of abnormal Cells in a part of our body”. Cancer in third world countries where people are not much educated is considered as the most dangerous and lethal

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