Dr.Ruth Pfau: Last Three Wishes

Dr.Ruth Pfau-The Physio Club

Dr.Ruth Pfau Last Three Wishes

1- First wish – Dr.Ruth Pfau was that she would not like to be dealt with on a ventilator.

2- Second wish – Her dead body ought to be conveyed to Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center, the clinic of which she was incharge.

3- Last wish – she needed to be covered in a red dress.

‘Millions of people die everyday but some die and are framed in history forever’.


Dr.Ruth Pfau was one of them.

Dr.Ruth Pfau-The Physio Club
Dr.Ruth Pfau-The Physio Club

Life :
She was born in Leipzing , Germany in 1929. After the world War 2 She at the age of 31 in 1960 came to Pakistan. In Karachi she realized the severe Problem of Leprosy and the struggle of Pakistan fighting it , there she decided to devote her life to Pakistani People while fighting Leprosy. She worked too Hard fighting the disease,she was given Pakistan Citizenship in 1988.
In 1996 due to the efforts and hard word of Dr.Ruth Pfau Pakistan was announced Leprosy Free Country and was the first among all other Asian Countries.
She founded Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre in Karachi and Patients from all over karachi ,Pakistan and Afghanistan came for Treatment.

Achievments :

She was awarded in :

 Death :
Dr.Ruth Pfau after long time of being affected with diseases and under treatment in Agha Khan Medical Hospital Karachi Died on
10th of August 2017 .

Life Time appreciation :

President Mamnoon Hussain in an announcement said that, “Dr Pfau’s administrations to complete disease in Pakistan can’t be overlooked. She cleared out her nation and made Pakistan her home to serve mankind. All Pakistani country salutes Dr Pfau and her extraordinary convention to serve mankind will be proceeded.”

PM Shahid Khaqan stated, “Dr Ruth Pfau may have been conceived in Germany however her heart was dependably in Pakistan.” He additionally included that, “she came here at the beginning of a youthful country hoping to improve lives for those harrowed by infection, and in doing as such, got herself a home. We will recollect her for her bravery, her reliability, her support of the annihilation of disease, and the greater part of all, her patriotism.

Chief of Army Staff Qamar Bajwa referred to Pfau as an “ambassador of humanity”.

She’s been called Mother Terissa of Pakistan.

such people are like legends and legends rest for always in History and Dr.Ruth Pfau was one of them.

Regards: The Physio Club


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