Sunday, 17/12/2017 | 6:11 UTC+0
  • Defination of Mechanical Principles, Force & Gravity

    Mechanical Principles: Mechanical Principles are utilized in exercise therapy are defined and ensure that they understood and applied correctly. Force: — Force is that which alters a body from its state of rest or its uniform motion in a straight line. It can accelerate objects Application of force applied to a body is specified by:

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  • Dr.Ruth Pfau-The Physio Club
    Dr.Ruth Pfau: Last Three Wishes

    Dr.Ruth Pfau Last Three Wishes 1- First wish – Dr.Ruth Pfau was that she would not like to be dealt with on a ventilator. 2- Second wish – Her dead body ought to be conveyed to Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center, the clinic of which she was incharge. 3- Last wish – she needed to be

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