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Low back pain causes, Symptoms, Relief and Treatment

Low Back Pain :
After common cold Low Back Pain is second most common to occur.
It is as common as 85% in total population occurring in some part of their life.

what is Back Pain?
Back pain is the pain that occurs to our structures that are at our back , it especially occurs at Lower Back region of our spine or vertebral column.

Site of Pain :


Site of Back Pain - The Physio Club

Site of Back Pain – The Physio Club

Low Back Pain occurs at Lumbar Vertebrae L1-L5.

Causes of Low Back Pain :
There are a number of causes that can lead to low back pain :

1- OverWeight.
2- Obesity
3- Musculotendinous Strains
4- Ligamentous sprains

Accidental Lumber Pain :
Accidental Low Back Pain is often associated with working in an unnatural posture , with sudden and unexpected motions , and with working single-handed. Work involving dynamic motion in multiple planes is also associated with significantly increased risk for developing Low Back Pain.
Occurrence :
Lumber Pain mostly occurs in Men about four times more commonly than in women.
Low back Pain occurs more commonly in Boys than girls.
Athletes are more commonly affected by Back Pain than non-athletes.
Other occupations that attack people with  back pain are :

1- Laborers
Truck Drivers
Garbage Collectors
Warehouse workers
Materials Handlers
Lumbar workers
Practical Nurse
Construction Laborers
Students with most work at computers.

Treatment of Lumber Pain :
Usually the goal of our treatment through medicine is to reduce pain along with a medical treatment Physical Therapy is also prescribed by the Doctor.

1- Apply Ice in first 24 to 48 hours of injury because it will reduce inflammation.
2- Keep the spine moving to reduce pain.
3- Do not sit in a particular position for a long time.
4- Always use Lumbar support for Back.
5- After the pain is reduced try to strengthen your extensor muscles.
6- While walking one should wear low heel shoes.
7- Try to remain healthy and avoid being fat and overweight.

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