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Cancer :

The first question about Cancer that arises in our mind  is that :
‘What is Cancer?’
Cancer is simply defined as “An uncontrolled Cell Division of abnormal Cells in a part of our body”.

Cancer in third world countries where people are not much educated is considered as the most dangerous and lethal disease to the extent that only the name of cancer heard by a patient can lead to his/her psychological low esteem and can lead the patient early to an end of life as he/she loses all hopes of recovery.
Certain cases have shown the patients going to shock after sudden inquiry of their Diagnosis of Cancer.

Types Of Cancer :

Following are the few types of Cancer :

1- Carcinoma : ‘A type of Cancer arising from the epithelial cells is called a carcinoma’. Carcinoma is further divided into the following categories that involves the various organs. These Carcinomas are :

  • Breast Carcinoma
  • Lung Carcinoma
  • Prostate Carcinoma

2- Sarcoma : Cancers that arise from Connective tissue ( bones and Cartilage ) are called Sarcomas.

Cancers can be of various types these may include the body parts that are :

a) Brain Cancer
b) Breast Cancer
c) Bladder Cancer
d) Cervical Cancer
e) esophageal Cancer
f) Lung Cancer
g) Liver Cancer
h) Prostate Cancer
I) Skin Cancer
J) Thyroid Cancer

Few types of Cancers are described in detail here :


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