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Routes of Drug Administration

Routes of Drug Administration The Routes through which drugs are administered in the body are dependent on the following factors which are ; 1- The Chemical and Physical Properties of the Drug 2- The Site at which the desired action is required 3- The Condition of the Patient at the Present time 4- The Condition […]

Pathology & Microbiology

Past Paper of Pathology & Microbiology of Doctor Of Physiotherapy ( DPT )

All the Past Papers of Pathology & Microbiology of 3rd year DPT UHS are given below ; Tips to Pass Pathology & Microbiology ; Other Subjects : ALL the Past Papers of the Following subjects are available on this site ; DPT 1st year Physiology I Past Papers Anatomy I Past Papers Kinesiology I & Biomechanics Past Papers Islamiyat […]


Defination of Kinesiology and its Type & Importance

Definition of Kinesiology —The word ‘kinesiology’ originates from the Greek work kineses, which implies movement —Kinesiology is the investigation of body movement —Kinesiology is an unpredictable field of study and it has many sub divisions Imortant Points —Kinesiology is an apparatus for the specialist in examining defective development examples, and choosing the satisfactory treatment —Mechanic […]